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Coaches Corner/Website Directions

This Coaches Corner Page is intended for coaches and team managers to answer specific web site or roster questions.

Before you call or e-mail Tom Bye  or Dan Pfeffer, please read the most frequently questions asked.  After reading the explanation and you still don't understand please feel free to e-mail me.  95% of the calls I/we received are answered below.

I'm Adding more image directions to make it easier.

OR, Please e-mail me if you would like something added to this page that is not addressed.  More generic questions are answered on the FAQ page.

Thank you,

Tom Bye and Dan Pfeffer
(web masters)

Tom Bye

Tom Bye

Tri County Director

Phone: 651-270-0219

Brian Lindquist

Big West League Director

Phone: 612-590-0940

USA Roster Submission Directions

Official Rosters Must Be Done On-Line:

Once your roster has been verified print your PDF roster off and have your parents sign them. Make enough copies for the season and turn one in for each tournament you are attending to the tournament director.

Coaches News: Most FAQ's by Coaches and Team Managers (in order of FAQ's)

  • **Delete a Game**

  • By Tom Bye 05/31/2012, 7:00am CDT
  • Is your schedule wrong and you need to delete a game? Follow these directions...
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  • **Adding a Game**

  • By Tom Bye 05/31/2012, 6:30am CDT
  • Did you just delete a game and now you have to add a new one? Follow these directions
  • Read More
  • Adding Photos

  • By Tom Bye 05/11/2012, 4:51pm CDT
  • You can either add single photos or a photo gallery
  • Read More

**If you see changes in the process please contact Tom Bye.  NGIN continually updates the system to eliminate steps.  I will update as I see them.  Thank you for passing these updates to me.**