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Adding a Game to your schedule (must do for Fall Ball)

By admin, 08/14/17, 9:00AM CDT


Want to add a game to your schedule?

Once you are in edit mode and on your team page

  1. Click on game schedule
  2. Click on "add game", when in edit mode it will be in yellow in center of screen
  3. Enter home team
  4. Enter away team
  5. Enter date of game
  6. Enter time i.e. 7:00pm (must do or game will never go to "final" after entering score.)
  7. Next under standings overrides, change the status to 'Affects Standings'. this is important or you will not see your game on the league standings page.  This is now on default.
  8. Click on "create game".


**If the wrong team has been entered as the opponent just click back in the game to be edited, click on the gear icon, select "edit game details" and then update correct team and save.**