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Girls' Fastpitch is about to change!

By admin, 02/02/17, 3:00PM CST


Welcome to Minnesota Softball

We have decided to make a few changes as it concerns leadership for girls' fastpitch softball in Minnesota.

Tom Bye, Dan Pfeffer, and Brian Lindquist have decided to rebrand the MMFL. After meeting with the current leadership of the MMFL we felt as a group that we need to go in a different direction.

Effective immediately, Tri County League, GOLD League, and Crow River League are leaving the MMFL for Minnesota Softball. Additionally, Brian Lindquist will be forming a new league in the western metro area called “Big West”.

What we can promise is improved communication and cooperation from our leadership. The same people who have been operating the leagues, posting schedules, creating state tournament brackets and coordinating with hosts are still in place.

Nothing really changes other than the name of the organization and a new league for the western metro area.

If you want to advance to a Minnesota Softball State Tournament or National Tournament you must play in a Minnesota Softball member approved league and meet their advancing criteria. There are NO exceptions.

The Big West will offer the same scheduling format and qualifying format. The league entry fee is $550. Qualifier tournament hosts will get a $100 gate fee per team payable from the Big West.

There will be a travel director meeting for the Big West at Medina Entertainment Center on Monday, February 13th at 7:30 pm.