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2019 Monsta Championships 14-Under

Monsta Championship Store

If you would like to pre-order Monsta Championship Apparel you can do that at this link.

Finish Team Name
Champions Mondovi Buffaloes
Runner-up Lakeville Lightning
3rd Place Sartell Swarm
4th Place North Iowa Storm

Champions-Mondovi Buffaloes

Runner-Up Lakeville Lightning

3rd Place- Sartell Swarm

4th Place- North Iowa Storm

Schedule of Events

We will be posting a schedule of events on Tuesday, July 23rd. If you have any questions prior, contact Dan Pfeffer at


  • Manager's Meeting on Thursday night at 7:00PM at the Chisago Lakes High School Fields.
  • PLEASE note change in start time.
  • Pool play games begin on Friday August 2 at 10:30AM.
  • Pool play games end at TBD.
  • Team Parade and Pin Trading on Friday, August 2 after pool play games.
    • Teams lineup at 6:00PM
    • Location - Chisago Lakes High School Fields
  • Bracket Play begins on Saturday, August 3 at TBD
  • Championship Game is on Sunday, August 4th at TBD

The schedule is subject to small changes if teams enter at the last second.

Championship Apparel

Championship apparel will be for sale at each site throughout the duration of the tournament. If you would like to pre-order apparel prior to the event, Please go the Taho Sportswear on-line store

Team Parade

Opening ceremonies and parade will be held after game play of the first day at the tournament site. More details and exact times to be posted as brackets are released.

Tournament Site

All games will be played at Chisago Lakes High School in Lindstrom, Minn.

29400 Olinda Trail
Lindstrom, MN 55045

Tournament Format

All teams will play two (2) pool play games and then be seeded into a double elimination bracket. This is a four (4) game guarantee tournament.

Tournament Entry

To enter the tournament please click on the link below. The cost is $450. After you register for the tournament you can send your registration to:

Minnesota Softball
877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

If you need an invoice, please contact Tom Bye at


Gate Fee

There is not a per person gate fee. Each team will be responsible for paying a $200 gate fee to Chisago Lakes Fastpitch. This check will be paid prior to the manager's meeting at the check in.

Chisago Lakes Softball Association will get all of the gate fee money. They use these proceeds to rent fields and maintain the fields.

Tournament Awards

Team trophies and individual medals will be awarded to teams finishing in fourth place or higher.

Manager Meeting

Please turn in:
1. Signed roster
2. Gate fee made payable to Chisago Lakes Fastpitch
3. Signed pick up player form

Basic information
Tournament format
Tournament schedule
Field Specifics

Gift Exchange

There will be a gift exchange after your first pool play game. Each team is requested to exchange some type of gift representative of their team or association. Some ideas as to what gets traded are listed below.

  • Team Pins
  • T-Shirts

Tournament Roster

Rosters will need to be created and maintained on Once the roster is created and approved you will be able to download a PDF and print our your roster.

A championship roster can only have a maximum of 20 players, including pickup players. Player(s) names cannot be removed or replaced once the player on the roster has participated in championship play.

Pick Up Players

All teams are permitted to pick-up three players as follows:

Pick-up players must be selected only from teams no longer eligible for championship play.

EXCEPTION: A player that has been released from a team’s championship roster prior in accordance with the Player Release form.

Pick-up players must be from the team’s same or lower classification.

EXCEPTION: Players who are age eligible may be picked up by a lower age classification team.

The pickup player form will be posted here. All pickup players must be approved by tournament staff prior to the manager's meeting.


UNIFORMS: All players on a team shall properly wear uniforms that are like in color and style. Sleeves or straps of the uniform top may be adjusted, with or without tie-ups, to the comfort of the players, provided uniform numbers remain visible. If because of the blood rule a change is required and the uniform part does not match, the player will not be penalized. All protective equipment should be worn properly. If a player is requested by the umpire to remove jewelry, illegal shoes or illegal parts of the uniform and they refuse, the player will not be allowed to play.

HEADWEAR: Ball caps, visors and headbands are optional for players. If worn, they may be mixed, but must be worn properly. If one type or more than one type is worn, they all must be of the same color. Plastic visors are not allowed.

PANTS/SLIDING PANTS: All players’ pants may be long, short, or mixed in style, as long as they are like in color. Players may wear a solid-colored pair of sliding pants. It is not mandatory that all players wear sliding pants, but if more than one player wears them, they must be like in color and style.


Flexx Softball will be evaluating softball players to gather data which will be helpful in their development. Data collected will help us to set a baseline where we can start to create a road map to help each individual reach their goals.

Each player will have their own personal profile in which this data will be stored and accessible to the players and parents.

For more on Flexx Softball Evaluations go to:

FLEXX dates and sites will be set prior to the tournament and will rotate around the sites.

Skills that are tested and collected:

  • 60 foot sprint
  • Batted ball exit velocity
  • Arm strength (fielders)
  • Pitching velocity (pitchers)
  • Catcher's pop time (catchers)

Live Updates and Brackets

Scores will be posted online after every round. The tournament scoring website link will be posted here prior to the start of the event. Pools and brackets will be posted on Monday, July 23rd. The reason for this date is teams will still be qualifying the day before.