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Minnesota softball
Minnesota softball

Going in to our 3rd year we are excited to offer this  National opportunity to the Midwest.  Our first year we had 180 teams participate.  We will continue to grow each year.  Thank you to all who made our first year so successful. 

For those of you that follow youth soccer our goal is to create an event much like the Schwan's USA Cup where Minnesota and surrounding areas becomes a destination place. 

A lot of planning has gone in to this and we plan to hold meetings throughout the spring with the host sites to make this a very special event.

Check back often as we update with more information.

Preliminary Tournament Information

Qualifying for Monsta Championships:

Championship berths may be acquired at championship qualifier events throughout the spring and summer. Invitational tournament hosts just need to indicate if they intend to give out berths or not. Each invitational tournament may give out two (2) berths per bracket.

State Champions and Runner Ups in each tier will have a Championship Berth reserved. They will need to tell the state tournament director if they intend to accept the berth prior to leaving the state tournament.

A berth report will be posted on the Championship Tournament Website. Every tournament offering berths will be listed. After completion of the tournament team names will be placed on the berth report as the invitational tournament directors get us the information.

Registering your team for the Monsta Championships:

Once your team has qualified for Monsta Championships you can register your team through RoomRoster Inc.  To simplify the registration process you do not have to upload the Berth award.  We have added a question for you to answer to which tournament you qualified at.  All tournament communications with coaches and team managers as well as tournament brackets will run through RoomRoster Inc.

Berths are NOT paid berth unless indicated as paid by the tournament director:

There are five (5) paid berths. They will be for the teams with the highest amount of points after the state tournaments have occurred. Points standings will be tracked on One (1) berth will be given to the highest point team in each age division (10U, 12U, 14U, and HS).

Geographic Hardship:

If there are not any qualifiers in your area and you would like to participate in Monsta Championships, please contact at the contact information below.

Passing Down Berths:

If a team pre-qualified for the championships earns another berth, their berth will pass down to the next team that has not qualified.

Kickoff Meeting and Pre-Tournament Festivities:

All pre-tournament meetings and events are to be determined.


Room blocks will be created by RoomRoster Inc. All sites, rates, etc. will be posted on the championship tournament website. The hotels and rates are negotiated by RoomRoster Inc to get you the lowest rate near your tournament site. If a hotel near the site is not a host hotel, it is because they did not want to participate.  

Tournament Format:

Monsta Championships will be a four (4) game guarantee. There will be two (2) pool play games and then a double elimination tournament. Once you have played your pool play games you will go to the tournament director and get your draw for the double elimination portion of the tournament.

Pools will be in groups of four (4) teams. The seeding committee will always do their best to spread out teams from out of state, out of league, and do our best to equally divide the teams on skill level.

The 2-0 teams will draw from a set of seeds.

The 1-1 teams will draw from a set of seeds.

The 0-2 teams will draw from a set of seeds.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee for Monsta Championships will be $450 per team and a $200 gate fee payable to the tournament host at check in.


In the event your team cannot participate and would like a refund, we will issue you a refund if a replacement team is found.

Gift Exchange/Pin Trading:

Gift exchange to be done following game 1 of pool play.  All teams are required participate for the fun of all teams. The tournament will not refund gifts or pins under any circumstances, period.

Skills Contests/FLEXX Evaluations:

FLEXX Sports will be conducting evaluations and setting up an individual profile page on each player participating.

Rules of Play:

The rules of play will be governed by the 2019 USA Softball Rule Book.


Each team will need to produce an approved USA Softball Roster. Each team will be allowed to pick up a maximum of three (3) players after their state tournament has occurred.

Qualified Teams

To see a list of who is qualified for Monsta Championships please go to and click on:

Age Group = Your team's age group

Class = Your team's class

Berth Report = Monsta


July 30 - August 2, 2020

8U - TBD
10U - Bloomington, Minn.
12U - Lakeville, Minn.
14U - Fridley, Minn.
HS - Fridley, Minn.

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Tom Bye

Tom Bye

Monsta Championship Tournament Director

Phone: 651-270-0219

Brian Lindquist

Brian Lindquist

Monsta Championship Tournament Director

Phone: 612-590-0940

Dan Pfeffer

Dan Pfeffer

Monsta Championship Tournament Director

Phone: 952-250-3393