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Fall Ball

2019 Fall League Information

This year we will have our Fall Director Meeting at Medina Entertainment Center on Thursday, August 8th, 2019 at 7:00PM.

Coaches do not need to attend. This meeting is for Directors to discuss fall league, rules, and policies.

Field Link to all sites

Just search for your host site and then field directions.


You must be assigned to your team page before doing steps 1-5: Creating a Sports-Engine Account-Gain editing Rights








Each team brings one (1) new softball for each weekend.

Register your team on-line prior to the fall league meeting on August 9th.  Make sure to rank your team 1-10.  1 is a beginner C team.  10 is a high-level A team.

Fall League provides an opportunity for your players to learn about the game and gain experience-playing fastpitch.  

  • Because of fall weather conditions, all games are rain or shine. The decision to play is made at the fields by the two (2) coaches and umpires, (please don't email or call).
  • 1/2 hour delay if lightning is present.
  • All games will be scheduled for 65 minutes, allowing for the last inning to be completed, and one inning using the tie breaker rule if the game is tied.  
  • Free substitution and round-robin batting is mandatory. 
  • Teams will not be penalized for having 8 players weeks 1-4. 
  • 5 runs per inning  for 10U.
  • Schedule:  Every week schedules are re-done by record.  For example.  Week 1= A team ranked a 5 will be scheduled against a team ranked a 5.  After week 1, teams with a record of 2-0 play against 2-0 teams, 1-1 vs 1-1, 0-2 vs 0-2.  Every week we look at the schedule and repeat the process.
  • Games are scheduled at Noon, 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30.   IF we have an odd number of teams at a location there are occasions that we have to stagger your game schedule for your team.  i.e.  Noon and 3:00 or 1:30 and 3:00.  It rarely happens but it may.  Also, depending on how many fields we have at each age level in each region teams may have to be move from region to region to play games.
  • 8U will use the summer rules modified to reflect fall ball.  To keep cost down there will be no umpires used until state.
  • 10U will play following the national rules (same as all age levels) and continue to play at 35’ pitching distance, use an 11” ball. 
  • Weeks 1-3 play on Sundays.
  • Week 4  plays on Saturday for 8U-12U and Sunday for 14U-18U
  • Week 5 is the State tournaments played on Saturday for 8U-12U on and on Sunday for 14U-18U

2018 Fall Schedule

Date Day Event
August 8th Thursday League Director Meeting at 7:00PM at Medina Entertainment Center
August 9-21 Team Pages will be built and assigned editing rights
August 11th Sunday Parade of Champions. No Fall ball games.
August 19th Monday Week 1 schedules will be posted for 8U-12U
August 20th Tuesday Week 1 schedules will be posted for 14U-18U
August 25th Sunday Week 1 league play
August 26th Monday Week 1 Scores reported by NOON.
August 29th Thursday Week 2 League Schedules will be posted
September 8th Sunday Week 2 league play
September 9th Monday Week 2 Scores reported by NOON.
September 11th Wednesday Week 3 League Schedules will be posted
September 15th Sunday Week 3 league play
September 15th Sunday Week 3 Scores reported by Midnight.
September 17th Tuesday Week 4 8U,10U and 12U Schedules will be posted- goal by 5:00pm (remember 8U - 12U plays on Saturday)
September 18th Wednesday 14U - 18U Schedules will be posted by 5:00pm. (plays on Sunday)
September 21-22 Week 4 8U-12U play 9/21 and 14U-18U play on 9/22 **Most common question** Yes, ALL Teams Play in STATE for FALL Ball
September 22nd Sunday Please have your scores posted by Sunday night. If your team is NOT planning on attending state please notify Tom Bye ASAP, Thank you
September 18th Monday Final Rosters Due- See direction at the top of this page (step 5). For Fall Ball we are simplifying the roster process
September 28-29 State Tournament weekend. 8U, 10U and 12U play on Saturday 9/28 and 14U-18U play Sunday 9/29. $100.00 gate fee made payable to host site.

Fall Registration Fee is $500.00.

8-Under is $100.

The Registration "Fall Ball" is not currently available.

Dudley Softball Order Form

If you are looking to order Dudley Softballs, please click on the link above.

In 2017 we had a record year of 576 teams participating in Fall ball.  This year we expect close to 600 teams.  We appreciate your support.  

The cost for one team in fall ball is $500.

8-Under cost for one team in fall ball is $100

If you can't make the meeting please mail the check to:
Minnesota Softball
877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

Thank you.

2018 Fall Ball Schedule

  • August 9 - Fall League Meeting - Medina Entertainment Center
  • August 19 - No games.  Minnesota Twins- Parade of Champions
  • August 26 - Fall League Week 1
  • September 9 - Fall League Week 2
  • September 16 - Fall League Week 3
  • September 22-23 - Fall League Week 4
  • September 29-30 - Minnesota Softball Fall State

Determining Age Classification

In fall ball we allow players to play to the next level that they will be playing in for next season. Use the dates below as a reference and add one year to calculate fall ball.  IF your association has difficulty filling the next level up a player can continue with her current age level.  However, she must play in the correct age level the following season. 

This is the current wording of code for the 2018 season:

Junior Olympic Age Qualifications. A player’s age as of December 31 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play the following year.

01. 8-Under Age Classification.   A player born after December 31, 2008 is ELIGIBLE.

02. 10-Under Age Classification. A player born after December 31, 2006 is ELIGIBLE.

02. 12-Under Age Classification. A player born after December 31, 2004 is ELIGIBLE.

03. 14-Under Age Classification. A player born after December 31, 2002 is ELIGIBLE.

04. 16-Under Age Classification. A player born after December 31, 2000 is ELIGIBLE.

05. 18-Under Age Classification. A player born after December 31, 1998 is ELIGIBLE.

06. Players of younger age classification may play in older age classifications, but an older age classification player may not play in the younger age classification.

Is your association considering hosting Fall Ball?

Thank you for considering hosting a Fall Ball League/Qualifier/State Tournament Site. We anticipate 600 teams playing Fall Ball this year with Minnesota Softball. We will absolutely need your fields if you can spare them.

We need a minimum of (2) 200' fenced fields but more are easier to schedule.

If you want a chance to host a Fall State tournament we require that you host a minimum of 2 of the 4 days of league play.  

Keep in mind you will be required to maintain them throughout the day (drag, water, chalk, repair).

Also make sure your fields have restrooms, concessions and you post weekly a field schedule so teams know where to play.

This is a two (2) part form. In part one we will need information about the site. In part two we will need information on weekend availability. Before filling out the form you might want to have the following information handy if you wish to host:

  1. Complex Name
  2. Field Name/Number and Priority
  3. Field Availability
  4. Age Preferences if Any
  5. Director Contact Information

We hope by using this form information can be streamlined. If you wish to edit the form after you fill it out, contact the gentleman below.

Minnesota Softball  thanks you and the kids do too!

The Registration "Fall Ball" is not currently available.


Date:  August 9th
Time: 7:00PM
Check-in starts at 5:00pm.  Especially if you are bringing a check and purchasing balls.
Who:  All age groups 8U to 18U
Medina Entertainment Center
500 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340

**Just because people ask.  This is NOT a mandatory meeting.  However all payments must be received by the 9th.  We will have over 550 team pages to build and over 550 schedules to complete by the 15th.   The meeting is a great way for coaches to learn the process and rules of Fall ball.  We also hand out new score books and rule books.**