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Minnesota Softball Coronavirus Guidelines/Resources Page

Below is our coronavirus resources page. NO GAME PLAY HAS BEEN APPROVED for youth baseball or softball. The following resources are what we have requested. Please read through everything before posting on social media. You are NOT required to play any sport if you do not feel safe.

Travel to other states that are open for tournaments or games is NOT ALLOWED by the State of Minnesota.  (This not a Minnesota Softball rule, it is a State of Minnesota guideline/Executive Order, this does not pertain to associations participating in our leagues that cross in to a neighboring state).

Places in Western Wisconsin do not apply to the EO because we frequently have commuters that work in the metro area from there. They are considered part of our region and we are eligible to play there.

Once games and tournaments are approved we will post the rules and guidelines here if there are any changes to them.

  • Crow River, Tri-County and Big West Leagues have elected to cease league operations for the Summer.
  • The other leagues (SFC, Southeastern Diamonds, Southern Star, St. Cloud, etc) are still intending to conduct league games.

MN Stay Safe Plan

Minnesota has made good progress on slowing the spread of coronavirus. As we continue the process of reopening our economy and returning to work and activities we enjoy, we must continue social distancing practices to save lives and stay safe. This chart outlines Minnesota's phased in approach to reopening various business and social settings.