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12U All-American Games

Fields have been secured.  Thank you to MVSA for helping us out.

New try out dates are May 6th or May 13th.

9:00am to noon are the tryouts
1:00pm to 3:00pm are the live situation/scrimmages


Announcing the 12-Under All-American Games. This years event will be held June 29th- July 1, 2018. The Hall of Fame Stadium will be under construction in August. This is the reason for the early event. Before you commit, make sure this does NOT conflict with your Summer team's game schedule.

Here is the direct link to the national site.

Coaching Candidates

If you are interested in coaching please email Tom Bye at and I will send you an application. We will be selecting one coach from each state.  Four total.

Thank you

Tom Bye

Hello Softball Families,

Flexx Softball once again has the privilege of hosting tryouts for the 12U All-American Games.  If you are not familiar, the USA Softball All-American Games is a prestigious tournament to be hosted at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. This event will provide National exposure to elite athletes in the 12U age division and has been designed to identify and highlight the best athletes from across the country.

Minnesota is part of Region 8 which includes North and South Dakota and Wisconsin.  We will be selecting 2 teams, 15 on each (30 players and 4 coaches total) to represent our region. 

Recommended Team Make-up:

(3) Pitchers, (3) Catchers, (3) Infield, (3) Outfield, (3) Utility

Selecting 5 players= (1) pitcher, (1) catcher, (1) infielder, (1) outfielder, (1) utility player, i.e. 2nd base (North and South Dakota)

Selecting 10 players= (2) pitchers, (2) catchers, (2) infielders, (2) outfielders, (2) utility players, i.e. 2nd base  Minnesota and Wisconsin will be selecting 10 players.   We will then divide them between the two teams.  Please keep in mind there may be more than two pitchers selected in Minnesota.  However, only 2 will be designated as a pitcher and the others based on their athleticism to play in multiple positions.

Each Association is able to set their own guidelines for selection to the USA Softball All-American Team. However, all participants must meet the following guidelines:

Designation to a USA Softball All-American team is the highest honor a player can receive and instantly brands the player as one of the top athletes in the United States. Only 360 girls Nationwide will have the opportunity to wear the USA Softball Jersey at this elite event.

With that said if you are a 12U player on a sanctioned team and wish to try out there are a few options.  

1. Testing Only- Some athletes you can just tell they are elite by running some athletic tests and collecting that data.  Click Here

2. 2 Game Showcase only- Some Athletes really shine on the field with their play and game awareness. Click Here

3. Package -(Recommended but not Required) Testing and 2 game Showcase- This option will give the athlete the best opportunity to make an impression that will land them a spot on the team.  Click Here

Once you have chosen which of the 3 options best suits you, you must go into your "Locker" by hovering over your name in the top right and clicking on "My Home"  Here you will see upcoming events that you are able to sign up for.  You should notice that there are 2 dates from which to choose, my suggestion is to pick the one that works for you immediately after purchase to ensure it doesn't fill up.  

The players along with their team will be evaluated on the following items.  

Measurable Test and Results

  • Speed
  • Arm
  • Bat
  • Strength
  • Game Report
  • Scouting Report
  • Skill Testing
  • Player Profile
  • Recruitment Locker