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2020 Minnesota Softball Fall State Tournaments

Apparel sold out quickly this year.  Taho Sportwear has agreed to reprint and mail tournament t-shirts.  They also set up an on-line store for additional apparel and awards.  Click here to visit the on-line store.

Thank you for your support.


Criteria Used

  1. Your record is weighted.
  2. Your opponents record is weighted.
  3. Your strength of schedule is weighted.

Criteria Not Used

  • The age of your players.
  • Injuries sustained during the season.
  • Players missing due to band concerts and basketball tryouts.
  • The initial rating set by you or your administrator start the season.
  • Tryout scores for fall ball at your community.
  • Grandparents do not want to drive to that location.

More Information

  • If you rated your team a 1 to start you should have had an easier schedule. You might have gone 6-2. That does NOT guarantee you get in the upper tiers.
  • If you rated your team a 10 to start you should have had a more difficult schedule and your strength of schedule should be greater. If you end up below .500 that doesn't guarantee you will be in the bottom tiers.
  • This is a travel league. You might have to travel.

You have the luxury of looking out for one team. I get to seed 600 and doing the best that I can in a limited amount of time.


  1. Please review COVID-19 guidelines and communication to your parents.
  2. Coaches, please arrive 1/2  hour prior to first game to check in and provide the following information.  Please avoid clustering.
    • Turn in a signed copy of your approved Minnesota Roster.  The liability waiver language is required for insurance purposes and for COVID-19.  This is for ALL ages, no exception.  Go to
    • Bring your players Birth Certificates (only if not provided with on-line roster, you will see "verified" next to players name if you did) and have them available if an issue comes up and an umpire requests to see one.  Do not turn in.
  3. Gate fee is $100.00 made payable to the host site.
  4. Balls are supplied by Minnesota Softball.   Teams are responsible for these balls while on defense including cleaning and sanitation per 1/2 inning.  Return to the tournament director after each game.  
  5. Support your host by purchasing their concessions.  No grilling in parking lots or at the facility.
  6. Minnesota Softball Fall State Tournament t-shirts will be available for purchase at all host sites.  Since this is a one day tournament there will be limited numbers at each site.
  7. 8-Under: IMPORTANT:  Not all host sites will have enough pitching machines.  If your association provides one please bring it with you to the games just in case it is needed.  The league uses the Blue Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine – set at 30-34 mph 
  8. Have fun.


  1. Teams will bat the bench at all levels.
  2. Home team is determined by flip of coin.
  3. Run rule is 15 runs ahead after three innings, 12 runs ahead after four innings, 8 runs ahead after five innings.
  4. You can play with 8 players however, the 9th position will be recorded as an out.  We want your team to play.
  5. Games are scheduled every 1 hour and 30 minutes (90 minutes). Games are 1 hour 10 minutes (70 minutes). No new inning will start after 70 minutes.
  6. Tie Breaker Rule: The offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning being placed on second base (e.g., if the number five batter is the lead-off batter, the number four batter in the batting order will be placed on second base. A substitute may be inserted for the runner). **For Fall 10U, ALL Tiers, the inning will start with 2 outs.**
  7. Umpires will handle all protests on the fields.
  8. 10U will have the 5 run per inning rule.
  9. 8U will follow the same rules as all of fall ball.  Umpires will be supplied by host site.
  10. All other rules are governed by the USA Softball rule book.


States by Tier 8U 10U 12U 14U 16U 18U
1 Rosemount Champlin Park Champlin Park Woodbury- HESP Cambridge Isanti Mankato- Caswell
2 Minnetonka Woodbury - Ojibway Park St. Louis Park Elk River- DAAC Chisago Lakes Hudson
3 Prior Lake Baldwin White Bear Lake Woodbury - Ojibway Park Minnetrista- WRA Park
4 Elk River Baldwin Shakopee Lakeville- Aronson Park
5 Chisago Lakes/ High School Minnetonka Andover
6 Mankato- Caswell Cottage Grove- Lamar Edina
7 Cottage Grove- Lamar Waite Park Lakeville- Aronson Park
8 Shakopee Rosemount- Erickson Park Lexington
9 Waite Park Farmington
10 Woodbury HESP Prior Lake
11 Hastings