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Special Promotion from Taho Sportswear

Send this link to all your members in your association.  Have them fill in your association name.

*Cool online store gear for all players parents & Fans

*Free Freight and orders delivered to your home in time for the holidays!

* Goods come in all team colors!

* All purchasers will record their association or school at check out and $5 from each garment will be sent back to that association!



Here’s a video link with more info and the link to the store!

Store Link: 

Love Fastpitch video link:

Sublimated Jersey video link:

As you navigate back to the diamonds please review the follow guidelines

    Dudley Softball Order Form

    If you are looking to order Dudley Softballs, please click on the link above.

    Contact the Directors of Minnesota Softball

    Tom Bye

    Tom Bye

    Tri County League Director

    Phone: (651) 270-0219

    Dan Pfeffer

    Dan Pfeffer

    GOLD League Director

    Phone: (952) 250-3393

    Brian Lindquist

    Brian Lindquist

    Big West League Director

    Phone: (612) 590-0940