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2017 Fall Ball League

Thank you for another successful  Fall Ball Season for 2016

Thank you to all who participated in Fall Ball this season.

  • We had 530 teams participating.  
  • Scheduled over 2250 league games.
  • Played at over 32 sites each weekend
  • Used an average of 130 umpires each weekend 
  • Conducted 34 Fall State tournaments and 750 games were played.

Obviously it takes a lot of coordination and effort by many people.  

Have a great off season!

2017 Minnesota Softball Fall Dates

The meeting dates and important dates for Minnesota Fall Ball are listed below. We annually host in excess of 500 teams from throughout Minnesota at dozens of sites (34) every weekend in the Fall. It is a great way for next year's teams to get ready for 2018 play or for 2017 teams to wind down.

Most games are played on Sunday's so as not to interfere with scholastic activities like volleyball and soccer. We develop athletes. Play as many sports as you can for as long as you can!

If you have any questions about Fall Ball, please contact Dan Pfeffer at or Tom Bye at

  • August 7th - League Meeting - Location: Medina Entertainment Center.   All ages
  • August 20th - Week 1
  • August 27th - Week 2
  • September 10th - Week 3
  • September 16th - Week 4 (8U, 10U & 12U)
  • September 17th - Week 4 (14U, 16U, & 18U)
  • September 23th - 8U, 10U & 12U Fall State
  • September 24th - 14U, 16U, & 18U Fall State

*Fall Ball registration link is not live*

Checks for Fall Ball should be made out to Minnesota Softball and sent to:

Minnesota Softball
877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

8U Fee is $100. All other levels are $500.

8U Overview: Play Sunday afternoons modeling 10U-18U.  So either  12:00 & 1:30 or 3:00 & 4:30 Hopefully have between 8-12 teams in each grid.  NE, SE, SW and NW.  Same rules as Summer.  No umpires.  

Please Read this Page for Weekly Updates on Timelines

2017 Fall Schedule

Date Event
August 7th Monday League Kick off Meeting held at Medina Entertainment Center at 7:00pm for All age groups
August 8-13 Team Pages will be built and assigned editing rights for 8U-10U-12U
August 15-16 Team Pages will be built and assigned editing rights for 14U-16-18U
August 16th Week 1 schedules will be posted for 8U-12U
August 17th Week 1 schedules will be posted for 14U-18U
August 20th Week 1 league play
August 21st Week 1 Scores reported by NOON.
August 23rd Week 2 League Schedules will be posted
August 27th Week 2 league play
August 28th Week 2 Scores reported by NOON.
September 6th Wednesday Week 3 League Schedules will be posted
September 10th Week 3 league play
September 11th Week 3 Scores reported by NOON.
September 12th Week 4 8U,10U and 12U Schedules will be posted (remember 8U - 12U plays on Saturday)
September 13th 14U - 18U Schedules will be posted by 5:00pm. (plays on Sunday)
September 16-17 Week 4 8U-12U play 9/16 and 14U-18U play on 9/17 **Most common question** Yes, ALL Teams Play in Qualifier and STATE for FALL Ball
September 17th Please have your scores posted by Sunday night. If your team is NOT planning on attending state please notify Tom Bye ASAP, Thank you.
September 18th Final Rosters Due- See direction at the top of this page (step 5). For Fall Ball we are simplifying the roster process
September 23-24 State Tournament weekend. 8U, 10U and 12U play on Saturday 9/23 and 14U-18U play Sunday 9/24. $100.00 gate fee made payable to host site.

Minnesota Softball Fall Ball Meeting

Monday, August 7, 2017

Medina Entertainment Center - Upstairs in the Ballroom


Entry Fee $500

8 regular season games and a State Tournament

Fall Schedule

  • Monday, August 7 - Coaches Meeting
  • Sunday, August 20 - Week 1
  • Sunday, August 27 - Week 2
  • Sunday, September 10 - Week 3
  • September 16 - Week 4 (8U, 10U, & 12U) Qualifier will require more travel
  • September 17 - Week 4 Games (14U, 16U, & 18U) Qualifier will require more travel
  • September 23 - Fall State Tournaments (8U, 10U, & 12U)
  • September 24 - Fall State Tournaments (14U, 16U, & 18U)